Stylish Wine Storage Racks for Your Favorite Space

Wine storage racks can fit nicely into almost any location you want...

Obviously wine racks really shine in the cellar. But with the right décor, and a little shot of your creativity, wine racks can be used in sooo many places.

Do you know where you're going to put the rack? Grab your measuring tape and take a quick measure of the width and height to get the size you think would fit good, and jot it down. It doesn't matter if it's:

  • a cellar
  • a wall
  • countertop
  • or floorspace 

Image of countertop wine rack.Your wine, right where you want it!

You'll need to know what racks will work within that space. I also like to take a picture with my phone while standing back as well, and open that up periodically to help me envision it again.

Oh, if you're new to wine cellars and don't know where to start, check out my building a wine cellar page. It takes you through all of the details you'll need to know to do it right.

I also have a wine cellar design page that will give you an awesome visual representation of the many different styles of cellars. It's always helpful to see what ideas that others have come up with.

Wine Storage Racks for Your Cellar

This is the fun part, and time for you to get creative. The wine cellar will be YOUR personal space after all. There are many ways to achieve a really nice look and feel with the right stylish wine racks.

If you check out this gallery of wine storage racks it should give you some awesome ideas. It doesn't matter if your wine room is small or large. Wine racks can be made into a stunning display to showcase your wine, a nook to relax with your favorite luscious sipper, or a simple grab and go from a wine closet.

Once you have a rough idea and sketch of what racks you want where, try this free 3D design service. That way you can see what the racks look like as if you're standing right in front of them! They have a sample there as well so you'll understand what their 3D design gives you. It's really cool.

Even if you're not quite ready to purchase, just having a set of wine rack plans gives you something to work towards. And you can show them to the love of your life when they're warmed up with a glass or two! 

What Does "Modular Racks" Mean?

Let's say you'd like to have some:

  • wine cubes or diamonds
  • wine case shelves
  • a couple of corner racks
  • a large bottle rack for magnum and champagne bottles
  • and a few traditional racks etc

Now if all of these wine storage racks are standardized to join together nicely- that's MODULAR! You can change them around and add other units, yet all of the components will still fit properly. A good example that works in the same way, is kitchen cabinetry. 

It's nice to know that you can get started right away by buying a single wine rack... and sometime down the road, you can add more wine racks beside or above it - and they'll fit perfectly.

What Is a "Wine Rack Kit"?

"Kit" just means that everything is included.

If you bought a curved corner rack kit for example, it would come with everything you need to put it together. Same as if you bought a standard cellar kit, or waterfall display kit etc.

And because they were designed to be modular, all of the kits will nest beside or on top of each other for a perfect fit!

How Easy Are the Racks to Put Together?

Super easy...

At WineRacksAmerica, modular racks and kits are made easy to assemble so that anyone can do it.

All you need is a screwdriver and some wood glue.

To make the job go much quicker and smoother though, I suggest using a:

  • drill 
  • hammer 
  • nailset

Instructions are always included, but if they get wet or the dog chews them, you can visit their website where they have an assembly guide pdf, for each model of rack they sell. There is also a phone number of a wine storage expert to answer any questions about the assembly you might have as well.

Looking to Build Your Own Wine Cellar Racks?

Image showing a screw upside down on a table.

Jump right in!

I have a detailed page on wine rack dimensions that lays things out for:

  • cellar racks
  • wine diamonds and cubes
  • and even wine bottle dimensions and sizing etc

Also take a peek at these wine rack plans, or even my wood wine rack plans page. I make it super-simple to follow along and build a bunch of different wine racks. You choose the right plan for your space and wine...

Then go ahead and put it together, sit back and enjoy a glass! 

How to Determine the Proper Sizes of Racking You'll Need  

The size of your wine storage racks are determined by:

  • the size of your cellar
  • how many bottles you want to store
  • the type of bottles
  • the style of wine racks or cubes etc

If you have the floor space, you can double your bottle capacity with the double-deep design. Restaurants and retail stores will appreciate the extra wine storage, but it's also great for collectors, or extra thirsty wine junkies. ;)

Standard racking will accept all bottle sizes including:

  • split (375ml)
  • bordeaux
  • boutique (750ml)
  • small champagne
  • burgundy
  • large pinot

Magnum racking will accept:

  • turley
  • large champagne
  • magnum (1.5l)

Check out my page on wine rack dimensions for exact details on bottle sizes and how that affects your wine rack.

Here's how:

  1. Measure along each wall where you want the racks to go
  2. Choose what style of wine rack you want at WineRacksAmerica, keeping in mind the bottle size
  3. View that model of rack and click "view details" to get the total width
  4. Add up all of the widths of the racks you want along the wall, to get the final length of racking
  5. Or, after you choose some rack styles - get a free 3D wine cellar design and let them do the math ;)

How Many Bottles You Can Store Per Foot

  • 9 bottles per cubic foot is a conservative amount that works well for standard wine rack dimensions and bottle sizes.
  • a diamond bin that's 13" x 13" will hold one complete case, 12-bottles.

Note:  The 9 bottles/cu.ft. dimension above is made with the assumption that you are storing wine bottles on their side. Which you should be, if your wine bottles have natural or agglomerated corks. Only stand wine bottles upright if they have other closures like screw-caps.

Commercial Wine Racks Shouldn't Be Boring!

Commercial wine storage racks should strive to make the label on each bottle of wine -- front and center

Image showing wine storage racks.Who doesn't love to see new and exciting wines and their lablels?

Customers want to educate themselves on what they're buying...

I know I do.

Equally important is the fact that having the label in the foreground, allows the marketing aspect of each label to "sell" itself better. And not just the label, but the color and texture of the glass too. People buy with their eyes first, you know... the shiny, new "toy" thing.

There are quite a few different styles of commercial racks that help to maximize the visuals of the label and bottle. You can incorporate more than one style to reduce eye "fatigue" and add some artistic flair to the look and feel of your space. 

Because the racks are modular, you can move them around every so often to keep a fresh looking presentation. 

LED Lighting

If you're not using LED's to light things up, you should be.

Image of LED strip lighting.LED strip lighting is cheap but classy!

These little gems:

  • run cool
  • burn teeny tiny amounts of energy
  • give off little or no UV rays
  • are "plug-and-play" and easy to install yourself 
  • come in different colors and softnesses (is that even a word?!)
  • come in flexible strips so that they can turn corners

You can use LED lighting to gently accent certain areas within the racking. But with a little imagination, the sky's the limit! It's all about creating a certain mood within a defined setting.  

If you have a set of wine storage racks in a corner or nook that's not particularly well-lit, these are the perfect thing to entice customers over. They really draw the eye. They're classy and so versatile too, that you'll find all kinds of places to put them next.

Where Else Can You Put an Eye-Catching Wine Rack?

Other than your cellar... there's tons of places to put an elegant wine rack!

Wine racks can blend beautifully with so many different styles of home décor. Other units easily stand out and make a bold statement to really attract your peepers. Racks can also be used to really help define an area, with:

  • a dash of color
  • unique design
  • or thoughtful placement within the room

Check out some of the creative and versatile rack styles below:

Should Wine Racks be Used Outside of a Climate-Controlled Cellar or Cooler?

Unless you drink copious amounts of wine daily, using large wine storage racks in a warm area like your living room, is not the best plan. The optimum temperature and humidity levels can't be maintained by your air conditioner, and some of your wine may spoil before you ever get to drink it. A wine cabinet makes better sense in that case, because they have a cooling unit built right in.

But, most wine is drunk young. So if you have some wall mounted wine racks for instance, then you can keep them filled right up with fruity bottles of wine. Just make sure to use them up quickly. Make sure not to mount them in sunny places or warm areas though. 

The "other" option is to use empty wine bottles and put new closures and foil on them, filling them up with water first if you like. Then place them in the wine rack.

That way you don't have to worry about your wine spoiling, and the bottles look "authentic" in the wine rack. When company comes calling, just pull a bottle or two out of the wine cooler that are kept at the perfect drinking temperature. 

For some great information on how to store wine at home, see my page on home wine storage.

Bottom Line on Wine Racks...

Just this.

They're much more than simple wine storage racks.

They hold something near and dear to you and your lifestyle right? Luscious, food-friendly wine. And, they can help set your mood, by playing a snazzy role in the unique design of your favorite space. 

That's worth it's weight in gold. Choose your racks carefully.


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