Eye-Catching Wall Mounted Wine Racks

Sure, wall mounted wine racks really draw the eye.

It's not everyday that you see the inside of someone's home with wine bottles strewn about the wall. But in a lot of cases, they're not just floating around on the wall for fun.

Whether the homeowner knows it or not, there's a secondary purpose here. Yes, they do share a common theme...

Which is to define an area of your home as a "put your feet up and unwind zone"! A quiet place to take a break, settle back and breathe in the aromas of your favorite fruit-forward, lush wine.  

Wall mounted wine racks easily set the mood.

Check out the many styles below to find one that suits your space...

Wood Wall Mounted Wine Racks

The warmth of wood wall mounted wine racks are as natural as the wine held within them.

It's a logical pairing as the bottles nestle against a backdrop of varied texture. Not unlike the nuances of flavors and aromas in your savory wine. 

These wall racks can show many different personalities. From reclaimed wood for the rustic look, to a fully sanded and dark cherry oil-stained refined appearance for a more formal setting. Whether at home, cottage or condo, these wine racks will add a dash of organic quality to your room.

Artistic Metal Racks

There are some very interesting metal wall mounted wine racks that are shaped and arched gracefully to hold wine bottles. Some of these units have clean, smooth lines and others are cleverly intertwined with leaves and vines.

They are as unique and personal as the wines they hold. I really have a soft spot for many of these beauties.

No matter what style your décor is, from modern to minimalist, there is an artistic metal design just waiting for you to envision it on your wall. 

For continuity, these artistic style racks can also be found in stunning floor models as well.

Popular examples such as wine jails or bakers wine racks burst onto the scene and are forging new ground for adding elegance and flair to the look and feel of a room.

Shelf-style Wine Racks

Shelf-style wine racks can compliment décor from rustic to modern. That's because you can find them in finishes from:

  • rustic wood
  • reclaimed wood
  • MDF
  • painted wood
  • stained and distressed wood 
  • and even heavy wire cage 

With the inclusion of wine glass holders, these units are so inviting. Being able to just tip a glass over and start pouring is just too easy. Mount one near the couch and you'll be in seventh heaven!

Neck-down Style Wall Racks

The neck-down style of wine rack gives a little twist on the traditional bottle geometry. With some of these racks, the bottle neck is pointing straight down.

And with others, the neck/s are skewed to one side or even to multiple angles. It sounds bizarre doesn't it? But it just seems to work.

The artistic character of these pieces really enhances the room that it occupies. They come in many styles from a simple rustic wooden charm, to wrought iron - paired with sculptured leaves and vines. Your wine puts on a beautiful wall display in one these unique racks.

Wire Wine Racks

Wall mounted wine racks made from decorative wire can be quite unique. Because the wire is thin and flexible, it can be wrought into some really expressive and "dainty" designs. 

These racks have a really light and airy feel to them. They would suit fine furniture well, and spaces with lighter feeling furnishings. 

There are some very exciting floor models of metal wine racks too that can really enhance a room. Metal can be formed into so many different shapes that new styles are coming out all the time.

Wall Racks Using Pegs or Pins

Racks that use pegs or pins are the most unobtrusive of wall mounted wine racks. Which means that your delectable wine gets your full attention. Since the bottle covers up a good portion of the pins, it gives the impression that the bottles are floating in mid-air.

The pegs are usually made of aluminum, chrome steel or black metal, although some are also made of a modern clear acrylic. With all of these choices, you can find the perfect set to suit the elements of your style. 

Re-purposed Oak Barrel Racks

These wall wine racks are the perfect pairing for your exquisite wines. Handcrafted from reclaimed oak wine barrel staves, they possess a rustic old-world charm. The bottle holders themselves are hand-formed from recycled iron to really complete the piece.

The outer surface of these wall racks carry all of the distressed marks the wine barrel obtained over it's life of aging fine wines. Of course the back of the racks are deep red, from the red wine and fire charring process that the barrel succumbed to during it's manufacture by the cooper. These are very impressive and meaningful wine storage racks.

Larger Wall Surfaces  = More Wine Bottles? Yay!

At first you might think that it's a good idea to put as large of a rack on the wall as possible. But there's a couple of things that might make you think otherwise...

For one thing, wall mounted wine racks that hold a ton of bottles isn't good for your wine. Remember that it's just not the perfect temperature or humidity in most rooms.

So your wine will develop very quickly at warmer temperatures, and the corks will dry out without the proper moisture in the room. That usually causes air infiltration and oxidation of your wine as well as potential leaks.

The other consideration is wall clutter. Wall mounted wine racks can really enhance a room if they are the focal point. But if they are surrounded with too many other items on the wall, like pictures or what have you, then it takes away from the wine rack and it's ability to draw and hold the eye. 

Sometimes less is more.


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