An SBI Review To Help You Decide for Yourself!

This SBI review is based on my own experience.

I use this program with complete confidence to help me build an online business. Not just to put up a website. Any company can show you how to do that as you're about to see.

I joined Solo Build It in 2011. Back then they were called Site Build It. Same company but with a name change that better reflects what they do.

In 2011 I was where you are today... searching for a way to make some money online. For me it was to supplement my pension income because I was nearing retirement.

After reading an SBI review and some research of WordPress and others I settled on Solo Build It.

Infographic showing what this SBI review reveals - hard work equals success.Yup. No gimmicks. Just you and your business

Initially I didn't really have much time yet to work on my business. Life was extremely busy but I was just getting it set up and put into place for when I retired. I've since learned so many things about how to build a successful online business through SBI it's just staggering.
Using their vast knowledge base and ongoing tools I'm starting to carve out a place on the internet. A business that I can build a future on...

WineSteps. A wine making and wine enjoying niche that is built by me using SBI. This is where my life is taking me now and it's so exciting!

How Can SBI Help You?


That's going to be your expression when you first start SBI. It was certainly mine. There are just so many fantastic:

  • articles
  • videos
  • and tools

to help you build a successful business. And they are constantly adding more.

The number one tool is the Action Guide. An in-depth set of learning videos. These videos break down very clearly the exact steps to follow to make your business a success.

As your business evolves you move along to the next step in the video. These videos are also laid out in written form as well if you prefer to read.

To be honest with this SBI review, I have to say it can be overwhelming at first. Especially if you had zero computer experience like me. There's just so much information and stuff to learn about. But...

It's doable. It's very doable.


  • follow the first video
  • take in all the information
  • then act on it

Then move along to the next video. Each video in the series can take days or months depending on many factors.

When you're finished the video series - you're never really finished! What!?

That's right. Since when does a business just end?

By the end of the Action Guide series you will be making money.

Even more importantly you will have the knowledge that other successful online business owners have. And it's repeatable.

Here are some of the tools that Solo Build It uses to teach you and grow your business:

BrainstormIt! - the most highly developed keyword research and evaluation tool on the internet! Bar none.

Niche Choose It! - an excellent tool to help you decide on your niche and what your future business will be about.

Site Designer - this is where you choose what you want your site to look like on computers and mobile devices.

Blockbuilder - an intuitive drag and drop website builder that makes it so easy to build a web page without knowing code.

How well do these work? I use some of these regularly and would be lost without them. They help me build and shape the future of Winesteps. And give me the freedom to live my life how I would like it to be.

The short snippet of information beside the above tools certainly doesn't do them justice. The annual fee for Solo Build It should really be 10X what it is. Not that I want to pay that - but it's how I feel.

I'm not going to list
all of their tools in this SBI review - you can check them out when and if you decide this system is right for you. There are a ton of them.

But just to let you know that hosting is all taken care of with no restrictions on bandwidth or traffic rates. And SBI employs top-notch peace of mind security so you don't even have to give it a thought.

SBI's Killer Business Approach!

Solo Build It showed me the importance of:

  • doing all your research in the planning stage
  • creating "real" focused content for your website and social media
  • planning from the beginning how you will monetize

Initially I got this wrong by going too "broad" with my niche. So I switched to a niche that I had first-hand knowledge in and narrowed down from "wine" to wine making which is more focused. From then on I paid much closer attention to the action guide video I was working on in the series.

The research and planning stage is very important to get right. It will take some time. Remember you're not building a website... but a business.

Another significant thing I learned about is "keeping it real"...

Be you!

You have your own character so let it shine. Don't try and be someone you're not. And don't be Wikipedia either.

When you write a web page - write with your experience and knowledge. Together with all the quirks that makes you... YOU! No one is perfect and that's okay.

Once you add some images of what you're writing about or maybe a video too - it all comes together. Naturally. A person landing on your web page feels like you're sitting right in front of them.

And you build trust.

No company teaches this like SBI!

This is so important to building a successful online business.

Turtles Rule!

Solo Build It has a sort of a mascot...

The tortoise.

I include this happy little guy in my SBI review because of what he represents. And that is - for my business (or yours!) to be like the tortoise. Slowly gaining ground.

A slow and steady increase in traffic means more profits for your business.

No traffic? No business and therefore unfortunately no money.

Beware of this when you visit other companies' websites and read their reviews. There is no easy way to make money.

SBI teaches the importance of working slow and steady through each component of their program. It works.

SBI  vs  WordPress  vs  Wix  vs  Wealthy Affiliate   vs  Weebly!  ...Whew!

It's showdown time for this SBI review. Let's take a look at a few of the top dogs...

And a wolf in sheep's clothing!

Infographic showing the scales of justice with SBI versus Wealthy Affiliates.SBI outweighs the competition!

SBI - If you've read all of the above then you should have an idea what they can and will do for you and your business. I should mention that although you don't need to know any computer code, you can still add it to your hearts content if you like. They make it very easy.

Let's take a look at a few other companies for comparison.

WordPress -

Pros - Very popular and they have hundreds of beautiful designs. Probably close to 25% of all websites on the internet are built using WordPress. If you currently use Wordpress then you can integrate into SBI using their Solo Build It for WordPress module.

Cons - No information on how to build long-term traffic. No online business building help either. This is reflected in the third-party statistics which show that most of the 25% have very little traffic going to them. 

Wix -

Pros - You'll be able to create a visually stunning website. Like WordPress they have hundreds of great-looking templates.

Cons - The elements must be arranged manually for your site to look good on mobile phones. Once you pick a theme you can't swap it for another. Beautiful website doesn't get you the much needed traffic to have success with your business. No information on how to build a business and make money.

Wealthy Affiliate -

Pros - None.

Cons - Joining their ranks will teach you a lesson that very clever marketing schemes exist on the internet. These guys are one of the biggest out there at this time. There are so many people using this program (@17,000) it actually seems real and genuine.

Why do so many people join this program? I guess it's just human nature... most people want to believe that easy money can be made on the internet, so it doesn't take much to convince them. Most of the 17,000 or so members don't stay in it for long, as they soon realize their mistake. But there's always a steady crop of "suckers" ready to join.

What is it with these guys? You google SBI review so you can see what they're all about - and instead are flooded with Wealthy Affiliate sales funnel pages doing fake reviews of Solo Build It! 

Some of the "reviews" are an all-out attack on SBI and other fake reviews draw you in by almost sounding reasonable. But they always lead you to: "My favorite system to make money is Wealthy Affiliates" or something similar... and they give you zero proof that it works!

Not my kind of business.

WA writes fake reviews about many other companies as well. One company (MOBE Ltd.) has opened up a lawsuit (fall of 2017). Hopefully we'll see more of that in the future.

Here's how to sort this out - simply do a test! Each person who joins Wealthy Affiliates or Solo Build It etc. gets a website up and running eventually. The domain name they choose can be checked to see how much traffic it receives month by month.

Without that traffic it's impossible to make money. So verify it. Check their traffic and then decide who's best! See the proof bargraphs below.

Weebly -

Pros - User-friendly and well thought out website-builder. Lots of options and customizable features.

Cons - Again this is simply a website-builder with no "how to create a money-making business". Deceiving minimum pricing-plan length.


  Weird that most of these companies start with the letter "W"!

GRQ and Easy Money

I"ll say it again. There is no Get Rich Quick easy way to money. Yet thousands get sucked in on the internet each year. If it sounds too good to be true... it is.


Solo Build It Money Back Guarantee

On the other hand - Solo Build It is more like get rich slowly. If that is your goal. They back it up with proof and a money back guarantee.

All your money back and zero hassle about it.

So you actually get to try their business building system for 90-days. Risk-free...

That was another reason that I joined.

In this day and age who does that?

No SBI Review Would Be Complete Without the Proof!

Infographic of a graph showing traffic stats of SBI vs Wealthy Affiliate.SBI traffic vs Wealthy Affiliates from
Bargraph from SemRush showing much greater traffic numbers from SBI vs Wealthy AffiliatesSBI traffic vs Wealthy Affiliates from
Infographic bargraph showing differences in traffic between SBI and Wealthy AffiliatesSBI traffic vs Wealthy Affiliates from

More SBI web businesses are successful than any other competitor's. In fact there is no real competition out there. No company but Solo Build It teaches how to go about building an online business.

At least so far.

Some companies claim to. And offer some weak e-commerce and monetization models to choose from. In the end you're left to figure it all out by yourself. The learning curve though is extremely steep.

There are some web companies like

  • Alexa
  • SimilarWeb
  • or SEMrush

that track how much traffic websites get. If you check how the websites of online businesses who use SBI are doing - you will see that they rank 33% higher on average.

* In contrast: 87% of Wealthy Affiliates websites are "invisible" - no detectable traffic.

For the full study click here.

That's real proof.

Why Solo Build It Might Not Be For You!

It's true. This SBI review wouldn't be what it is if I didn't tell you that it's not for everyone.

It takes commitment on your part. To want to put the time and effort into building up your business. Regularly. This is not a fly-by-night get rich quick money scheme.

You can do this part-time or full-time. By choosing a winnable niche and working at it for an hour or two per day you can accomplish great things. Like any business though - the more you work at it the quicker you get to the money tree!

If you just want a website and don't care about getting tons of traffic to monetize then SBI isn't the best system for you. It's way overkill going in a direction you don't need. WordPress or Wix etc would be more suitable for you.

What's the Customer Service Like at SBI?

24/7 Support including chat. Nothing less than superb.

I've used SBI Support a couple of times when I couldn't figure out how to accomplish something on my website. They were fantastic and got me going again in no time. It just took a little knowledge that I didn't have at the time.

SBI has been around for 20 years and it shows. Excellent business-building assistance.

SBI E-business Forums are the Best on the Internet!

Graphics showing friendly SBI forums.Well-used and appreciated SBI forums

Help and be helped.

That's the common theme with SBI forums. I have to admit I haven't put my best foot forward here yet. That's something I plan to change in the future.

A few months or so after I joined SBI and while visiting their forums - I soon found out that many people were enjoying huge successes with their own businesses. Some are even making over 6 figures!

I wouldn't sit here and write this SBI review to try and convince you that this is doable for everyone who uses it. It's more to let you know what's possible. There are so many factors like:

  • choosing your niche
  • monetization methods
  • the time you put into your business
  • how you connect with people who visit your web pages
  • the overall quality of your work etc.

Really this is no different than all of the mom and pop businesses out in the real world. Except for one very important thing...


Those four letters can make or break a business. And SBI delivers help in spades.

Sure they have awesome customer service people and a one-of-a-kind step by step learning series. They really do... but the credit doesn't all go to them. Why?

Because of the numerous other SBIers in their forums. People who selflessly help you in so many ways when you're stuck trying to accomplish something. They understand because they were there once too with their own business.

These forums are also Ken Evoy's favorite place to be on the net. He's the owner of SBI! His know-how and advice on the forums is ongoing and invaluable.

Help is always right there at:

  • the click of a mouse
  • a phone call
  • or chat line

Because of that your business is always moving ahead toward your goals. For that I am thankful.

Conclusion of SBI Review

Infographic showing how SBI can help build an online business.Build a profitable online business using SBI

Summarizing this SBI review isn't easy. They just do so much:

  • show you how to build a web-business
  • take care of the hosting
  • make it a secure website
  • update everything continually so everything works smoothly
  • step-by-step guide shows you how to turn it into a profitable business
  • software and tools way beyond expectations
  • ongoing modules including video and articles that focus in on key areas

You can make enough money to pay for your Solo Build It subscription within the first year if you work at it. Even sooner. And once the "snowball" gets rolling, your business will start making more each month after that.

It's exciting and fulfilling to watch and "feel" it happen. And having the freedom to work from a laptop wherever you happen to be in the world is just amazing.

As you navigate around my website, keep in mind that I could never have done this without SBI. From the design right through to secure hosting on the web. All taken care of by them.

Do you have a spark? Something that you have a passion for - or a lot of knowledge about?

If you do decide on SBI - I wish you all the best in your business.

* Absolutely none of the links that go back to Solo Build It on this page make me money. Not one red cent. They are not affiliate links.

I could make a commission... but this Solo Build It review was wrote in the spirit of charity. There's so much crap out there when you try and review something nowadays -- Grrr! :-

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