The Best Kitchen Island Wine Rack?

Everyone should have a kitchen island wine rack...

They just look sooo inviting. 

In fact, some models have chairs to match the island - so you can settle right in and sip your favorite savory wine.

What makes the kitchen island wine rack so special? 

Well, most people spend more time in the kitchen and dining area than other areas of the home. It's true for my family as well. It's where everyone "comes together" to eat, drink, and sort out their day.

So by including a wine rack within the island, sharing is that much easier.

Because the kitchen is such a "hang-time" zone, it's also a very good reason to choose furnishings for it that reflect your lifestyle. Like built-in wine racks for instance.

There are quite a few different styles of island wine racks suited for the kitchen. 

I break down some of the more popular ones below, so you can zoom in on what you like better.

Keep in mind your existing kitchen's:

  • colors
  • flooring
  • coutertops
  • pulls 

and overall size of space, when choosing a kitchen island.

What's the Right Color and Size of Island for My Kitchen?


Matching, neutral or contrasting colors can sometimes be difficult to determine from an image of an island wine rack.

It might be better to go with a contrasting tone if the color of the kitchen island wine rack looks close, but not spot-on. 

This isn't a rule written in stone though, as it's a personal preference thing. I've certainly been surprised on many occasions, especially when picking out tile for flooring and walls.

The beauty of the contrasting color is that it draws the eye like a beacon. Especially if the island is darker and the surrounding kitchen is a lighter tone.


One thing that many people overlook when choosing a kitchen island wine rack is it's overall size. 

Make sure to click on the details of the piece you're interested in, to find out the exact dimensions. Then measure the existing space in your kitchen or dining area that you'd like to put it. 

Here's a good way to envision the island's size:

Get the dimensions of the island's countertop, and cut them out of a large piece of cardboard. Then lay the cardboard countertop on some other boxes, exactly where you'd like the island wine rack to sit in your kitchen.

By walking around this mock-up, you can get a feel for the island's size.

In my own kitchen I have an island without chairs, and the space to walk around it is 33". I wouldn't go any less than that. In fact, leaving a space 36" or larger would be better. 

If the kitchen island wine rack has chairs to go with it, don't forget to leave enough space to push the chair back when standing up.

What Style of Kitchen Island Rack Suits Your Space?


These island wine racks are typically heavier, bulkier and fastened in place. Usually they have chairs to go with it, but not always.

Because of their larger size they will hold more bottles and glasses, giving the piece a lovely inviting "wine feel". 

I really like the look of the kitchen island wine rack with larged, turned posts at each corner. The size of the posts give it a feeling of strength and permanence, which fits in nicely with the wine rack.

I've also seen where a custom island wine rack is outfitted with a built-in wine cooler as well. So in this case you have the wine rack on one side, and the cooler keeping some special wines at the perfect serving temperature on the opposite side. Very nice.


What I call a semi-permanent island wine rack is one that is fairly heavy, but still movable. Just not something you want to move around all that often.

These units don't have wheels, so you'll have to pick it right up to move it so you won't scratch the floor.

What's nice about these kitchen island wine racks is that you can move it to the next room against a wall if you need to. Then you could put a larger temporary kitchen table in it's place for that Christmas dinner etc.

Even sitting next to a wall it doubles as a wine rack, and a place to serve your delicious wines from!

Kitchen Cart - A Rolling Wine Rack with Storage... Yum!


A kitchen island wine rack on wheels? These are just sooo handy.

Imagine enjoying a bottle of Pinot Noir that you simply plucked off the wine cart, over a light lunch in the kitchen. Then afterwards, you retire to a more comfortable area of your home to finish it off with your wine cart and company in tow. So cool. 

As long as you don't have to deal with a set of stairs, these practical and unique wine carts can also be tucked out of the way until you need it. Not that you'll want to though.

They look absolutely charming on their own... whether that's against a wall, or a stand-alone focal point in the middle of a special room. There are so many:

  • styles
  • colors
  • finishes 

and sizes that you'll be hard-pressed to choose just one! These multi-functioning units really should be listed under my cheap wine racks page.

I wonder if you can leave the wheels off the cart if you wanted to make it a little more permanent? Something to think about for some models at least.

Kitchen Island Wine Rack with Chairs

Something else to consider is the island's location. Some models are large enough to fit into a dining room space, or larger kitchen complete with it's own chairs. So the island could act more like a kitchen bar, or a main table if you want.

Although it doesn't look like it, this kitchen island wine rack has drop-leaves - so you have the option of adding more chairs if company swings by.

Why have a table with four simple legs? When an island wine rack holding some of your savory beauties and a glass or two, looks so darn good! And accomplishes more.

What Kind of Countertop and Accessories are Available?

You can buy an island wine rack with many different countertops:

  • wood
  • butcher block
  • granite
  • fold-up leaves
  • painted
  • marble
  • stainless-steel etc

Some models would compliment a bakers wine rack nicely, since they're both designed to work with food!

There are many "open" styles available, while some have:

  • cupboards
  • drawers
  • baskets
  • linen holders
  • wine glass racks and more 

so you can really customize it's use, tailor-made to suit your lifestyle. That's the best kitchen island wine rack there is.


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