How to Make Wine Step by Step

Are you just starting out and want to know how to make wine?

Right off the hop you'll need to make a decision... you'll be doing that a lot in wine making. That's part of what I like about it.

For example: You get to craft big bold luscious reds. Or softer, richer more complex reds - from the same batch but using different methods. Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself. Sooo...

Image of homemade wine in a carboy.Baco Noir - deep, dark and tannic!

Here's 5 ways that show you how to make wine. Pick one to get started. Read a little about it then follow the links to the step by step "how to" page.

  1. Wine kits
  2. Wine from grape juice 20-23l pail
  3. Wine from fresh grapes
  4. Wine from fruit or vegetables etc.
  5. Wine from Welch's grape juice and similar juices

Here are the exact wine making supplies you need to make each of the wines above. Considering the amount of wine you can craft from a single recipe it's pretty cheap.

1. Wine Kits

Image of a wine making kit.How to make kit wines

Makes about 30 bottles.

Starting out with wine kits is the easiest way to get your feet wet when learning how to make wine. No question...

They can make you some absolutely lovely wines. And you only need minimal equipment that you buy separately. You can then re-use it for making another batch later.

Kit wines typically come in a packaged box. Inside is a bag of grape concentrate and all of the ingredients with instructions. Simply follow those instructions and you'll be enjoying a glass of stunning wine that you made in no time!

This may be as far as you go in your wine making venture and that's just fine. No one could blame you - these wines are that good.

2. Wine From Grape Juice

Image of a pail full of fresh wine making juice.Make wine from fresh juice

Makes about 25 bottles.

Making wine from juice (must) is another great way to make homemade wine. These juices typically come in a 20 or 23 liter pail either fresh, pasteurized or frozen.

The fresh grapes are crushed and processed at the vineyard then placed into pails. Most are adjusted for:

  • acid levels
  • sugar
  • sulfite

It's pretty cool because you can make luscious wine from varietals that you couldn't normally get fresh grapes from:

  • Italy  - an Amarone or Barolo
  • Australia  - a Shiraz or Chardonnay
  • Chile  - a Carmenere or Barbera
  • South Africa - a Pinotage or Semillon
  • Argentina  - a Malbec or Cabernet Sauvignon etc.

Did I mention that making wine from grape juice is also the cheapest way to make grape wines? At least for fresh or pasteurized juices. Frozen juice is more expensive though, but the quality of this must is often worth it.

3. Wine From Fresh Grapes

Image of fresh wine grapes in a crusher.Make wine from fresh grapes

Makes 5 bottles and up.

Here's a few recipes to help you make white and red wines using fresh grapes:

  • making red wine 1-gallon
  • making white wine 1-gallon
  • how to make red wine 5-gallons
  • how to make white wine 5-gallons

I would suggest starting off with any of the other wine making methods first to gain some experience with wine making.

But when you're ready...

Learning how to make wine from fresh grapes is the creme de la creme. Right from acquiring your grapes you have complete control over how your wine turns out. In fact the wines you craft here can rival some of the world's best if you pay attention to detail.

You are limited by geography as to what fresh grapes are available though. The grapes are picked at the peak of ripeness so they can only be shipped so far without spoiling. To make superior wines, the grapes you buy must be in perfect condition when they get to you.

You might have a vineyard within a couple hours of your home that you can buy fresh grapes from as well. Check with local wine clubs in your area. Sometimes you can go in on a group buy.

4. Wine From Fruit or Vegetables etc

Image collage of a dandelion and a basket of apples.Make wine from fruit and edibles

Makes 5 bottles and up.

Fruit wine making or country wines are a real blast to make. Some of these wines are subtle and delicate. Others can be a real fruit bomb going off in your mouth!

These wines can easily be handcrafted in small batches of usually one gallon - 5 bottles. They can be made from

  • fresh fruit
  • frozen fruit
  • dried fruit
  • flower petals
  • vegetables
  • herbs or any combination to your liking

For the best flavors and aromas with these wines, buy fruit that is in season or grow your own. I also buy from our local farmer's market so you could check them out in your area as well. Fruit concentrates can also be found online if you want to try a fruit not normally found in your area or country.

The only thing holding you back when making these surprisingly tasty and aromatic wines is your imagination!

5. Wine From Welch's Grape Juice and Similar Juices

Image collage of Welch's grape juice in white and concord styles.Make wine using Welch's 100% grape juice

Makes 5 bottles from 3-1.36l jugs.

Sounds crazy doesn't it?

But lots of people are looking for how to make wine the cheapest way possible and this one certainly is that! At least during the winter when fruit or vegetables are pricey and don't have as much flavor to make country wines.

You can make a white or a red wine with Welch's grape juice. And a lot of other wines too, with exotic fruit juices from some of the other brands.

Making homemade wine from juice won't compare with the other 4 types above but everyone's palate and expectations are different. Whip up a batch and see what you think!

As with other wines - you can blend 2 or more together and come up with something really unique.

What Equipment Do You Need to Make These Yummy Wines?

You're going to need some equipment but it's pretty inexpensive. And these supplies will pay for themselves after making only a couple of tasty batches or so.

My wine making supplies page will walk you through exactly what you need to make all of the 5 styles of wines above.

You'll find that much of the equipment is re-usable for each of the 5 styles. In other words, some of the supplies you buy to make kit wines can also be used to make fruit wines or wines from fresh grapes. Nice.

Knowing How to Make Wine Will Make You Famous!

Okay well not quite... but now that you know how to make wine your popularity level will suddenly increase! Especially during holiday time.

Image of a glass of wine in front of Christmas lights.Enjoying wine at Christmas time

There is no way that you can make any of these awesome wines without sharing them. And you might as well get used to having people asking about your new hobby.

Don't be surprised if your passion rubs off on others and you become the "teacher"!


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