Looking For Cheap Wine Racks?

Cheap wine racks will showcase your wine bottles every bit as good as expensive ones...

No one knows how much you paid for the rack. What they will see, is how sweet your wine rack looks! And if you crack open a bottle, they might even pay you a compliment regarding your awesome purchase.

That's all that matters.

There's lots of online wine racks built by many different companies. I've rounded up some of the best retailers in each class below who sell cheaper wine racks than what their competition sells them for. Not only that - they're reputable companies too.

Where to Buy Cheap Wine Racks for Your Cellar?

Looking for some cheap wine racks for your cellar that you can install yourself?

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It's a great idea and can save you a pile of money. Not everyone can afford to hire a custom wine cellar builder. 

Besides, putting your own racks together and installing them will give you a sense of pride in a job well done. Especially after you fill the racks with your delicious wine! 

One of the best reasons to go this route is that you can start with a rack or two initially, and then add to them at a later date as your cellar expands. That makes good sense because by using your cellar over time, you'll get a better feel for what you need in the future. 

With different:

  • grape varietals (reds, whites, rosés)
  • bottle sizes
  • bottle shapes
  • sweet or bubbly etc

coming and going from the cellar, you'll be able to tailor your wine cellar racks exactly to your lifestyle. Slowly but surely.

Who has the Cheapest Wine Cellar Racks Online?

WineRacksAmerica makes cheap wine racks out of furniture-grade Ponderosa pine. They'll also make you wine racks out of redwood, although they're a little more expensive. Their quality and warranty are highly regarded, and one of the best in the business. 

  • they get your order right and it arrives fast
  • they use high-quality and properly graded wood
  • Lifetime Warranty and made in the U.S.A.
  • Free Shipping too!

And quite often they'll offer a 10% discount off of their racks to go along with the free shipping.

Reviews of Cheap Wine Racks

In the end, you have to be happy with the quality and appearance of the wine racks. Your wine should look exactly how you envision it within the rack...

  • visually impressive
  • and easily accessible 

 Finding cheap wine racks can be a bit of a chore. 

So one of the best ways that I use to help me decide, is by reading other people's reviews and testimonials.

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Did you know that for wine cellar racks, WineRacksAmerica is the most widely-reviewed company in the U.S.? What I consistently found was that a very high percentage of customers absolutely love their wine racks that they bought from them, and would purchase again.

You can check out all of the reviews here on: 

Cheap Wall Mounted Wine Racks

In some cases, there are multiple retailers who sell the exact same wall mounted wine racks as their competition. And some sell them cheaper than others! 

Image of a cheap wall mounted wine rack.

Wall mounted wine racks come in many:

  • styles
  • materials
  • shapes
  • colors and textures

No matter what finishes and furnishings your present décor is, there's a wall rack that will suit the space perfectly. It's just a matter of taste. So...

Where to Buy Cheap Wine Wall Racks for Under $50?

For the best selection and the cheapest prices in general, Amazon.com wins hands-down. Yes, I know... sometimes it seems that Amazon and Walmart are the only two stores in existence. But I had to mention them for the under $50 category.

They actually have a ton of wine racks for your wall under $50 that are highly reviewed by people who bought them. And there's a lot of happy customers there. These racks will look sooo good filled up with a few of your favorite, luscious wines.

Their free and fast shipping on some wine racks and rock-solid customer service are second to none. And if you have to make a return, it's so easy using the instructions on their returns page.

 How About Under $100?

There are many unique and fascinating designs of wall mounted wine racks on Wayfair.com for under $100. They have an awesome selection of metal and wrought-iron designs that range from decorative scrollwork, to modern geometric cubes.

Every style adds something new and exciting to the scene. Just imagine your savory wine resting in one of these beauties, waiting for that perfect moment to share an exquisite glass with someone special.

They also have quite a few wooden wall mounted racks that come in both refined and rustic styles. Some designs incorporate stemware holders to fully complete the piece! All you have to do is pull the cork and pour. Yum!

Their Free Shipping over $49. is a bonus. 

Wayfair boasts a great reputation for top-notch friendly and efficient customer service. The reviews on their website are from verified buyers only, and a huge majority of the buying customers are very happy with their purchases of their wine racks. 

Another good place that you can find cheap wine racks for under $100 is Overstock.com. They have some interesting styles of wall mounted wine racks that your wine would look awesome in. They always seem to have a lot of sales going on, and offer Free Shipping on orders over $45. 

As an added bonus with Overstock, you can sign up for a 15% off coupon before you order, and get the biggest discount wine racks ever! Not bad. They've been around since 1999 and are one of the most trustworthy retailers in the U.S.

Reasonably Priced Freestanding (Floor) Wine Racks

Sometimes all you need is a floor wine rack to fit in nicely between certain furnishings. Or maybe a cheap wine rack to add some fun and flavor to a favorite room!

No matter what style of decor you're searching for, Wayfair.com has over 600 different floor models. They carry so many unique and beautifully wrought designs in:

  • decorative metal
  • wrought-iron
  • resin, acrylic 
  • wood etc 

I especially like the many styles of bakers wine racks that can compliment so many different décors and furnishings. You can find quite a few fairly cheap, but really stunning designs. They have the largest selection of freestanding floor wine racks of all the online retailers.

Seeing your delicious wine laying inside one of these fancy racks will make you feel sooo good, and tasting it is even better. No need to run to the basement cellar and your wine storage racks anymore.

Cheap Countertop Wine Racks

Looking for a wine rack for the counter that doesn't take up too much space?

Image of a cheap countertop wine rack.

There are over 200 smallish, themed wine racks at Hayneedle.com for under $50. In fact, there's even a few racks for under $20. 

The styles of countertop wine racks that they carry is pretty extensive, from:

  • intricate metal scrollwork with leaves and grape clusters
  • antique metal milk-bottle tubs
  • themed animal single-bottle wine holders
  • numerous wood racks and caddies etc

The thing that I like about the small size of these cheap wine racks, is that they can be placed on a:

  • counter
  • table
  • bar-top
  • side table
  • picnic table etc

You can literally have your savory wines right at your fingertips for the ultimate in thirst-quenching style.

Cheap is One Thing... But They Need to Stand by Their Product!

Delivery should be prompt. The materials and quality of the build needs to be what you would expect to pay for.

Infographic showing a customer rating meter regarding wine rack companies.

If you have to assemble the wine racks, do they go together smoothly? Does the wine rack come with instructions, or do you have to guess at how it goes together?

Is everything included, or do you need to go buy:

  • fasteners
  • brackets
  • glue, stain etc

Will you need certain tools to put the wine racks together? Is there information in the instructions that will show you how to fasten the rack to the wall if needed? What about a help phone line or chat line to a knowledgeable person who actually has experience assembling and mounting the wine racks?

As you can see, there's more to buying cheap wine racks than meets the eye. The retailers mentioned on this page have the best track records for exemplary products and service.

Build Your Own Wine Racks and Save!

Image showing some hand tools laying on graph paper with wine rack sketches.Build your own wine racks!

You can build a set of cheap wine racks at home that'll look pretty awesome. As long as you can get the materials at a low enough cost, and you have the needed tools - there is a cost savings here. 

Check out my wine rack dimensions and wood wine rack plans pages for how-to build instructions for many different wine racks.

I kept the layout and build process of these wine racks as simple as possible, so a beginner can understand and execute with confidence. There's nothing better than completing the project and placing your tasty wines inside the rack... except opening a bottle!


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