The Stunning and Unique Bakers Wine Rack

Did you know that the beautiful bakers wine rack that you see today evolved from the traditional bakers rack?

The bakers rack has been used for centuries to knead, proof and cool breads and pastries. It's design as a rack, allows air to pass through without obstruction, nudging the baked goods back to the room temperature within the bakery.

Handcrafting some wine bottle holders and incorporating them into the time-honored design really takes it up a notch. Fine wine and food go hand in hand, so it shouldn't be a big surprise. What is a surprise though, are just how many elegant designs you have to choose from nowadays...

Wrought Iron Bakers Wine Rack

These wrought-iron bakers racks typically hold between five and seven wine bottles within their classic fine lines, although there are some models that hold 12 or so. The finely contoured metalwork gives these racks a sophisticated and distinctive look. 

They're perfect as an accent within a room or even to enhance and bolden your décor's feel. There's no denying that your wine bottles will showcase beautifully inside and beckon you over for a closer look.

Iron Scrollwork with Wicker Baskets

A bakers wine rack with wicker baskets is really versatile. You have your bottles of wine gracefully held within the rack, and wicker baskets beside or below for handy storage. The wicker itself is crafted using a very old technique using natural materials, so it blends in well with the rustic iron structure of the rack. 

The natural color of the wicker baskets radiates a very warm and charming ambience. Not knowing what is "hidden" within the baskets also raises conversation and inquiry. Of course, opening one of your delectable wines would start this off nicely too!

Wooden Bakers Wine Rack

A bakers rack made entirely of wood is a rare find. Mainly because the design leans more toward a hutch than a rack. They are quite charming though...

A little heavier feel than the traditional metal scrollwork designs. But that could be just what your "space" needs, to add some depth to the room. There is usually more horizontal surface area for placing your special glassware on display, or just having your wine accessories within easy reach.

These bakers racks will almost always have some drawers and at least two cabinet doors. Your wine sits front and center though, so there's no mistaking it's purpose as an entertainment piece.

If you have a large wall space to fill, consider adding wall mounted wine racks in addition to the bakers rack. They can really compliment each other if done right.

Trellis Bakers Rack

Aaahh... the trellis bakers wine rack. One of my all-time favs!

And not just me either, it's a customer favorite on many retailers sites. Everyone loves the trellis. 

It reminds me of warmer times outside of the house. The trellis can be found leading us through toward our vegetable or flower gardens, or maybe a slow stroll through a secret stone pathway. It's no wonder we all have a fondness for the trellis.

Now, can you picture one against a wall inside your house? With an integrated but non-intrusive wooden shelf, and storage within the trellis for your most savory wines? Lovely.

Small Bakers Wine Rack

Beauty comes in all sizes. And a small bakers wine rack may be just what you need. These are perfect for smaller rooms or apartments to showcase what's really important to you. Your wine lifestyle.

As soon as you enter the room and see the bakers rack, good thoughts follow. You know... like pulling a cork and relaxing, putting your feet up and dreaming of your next vacation.

If you're looking for cheap wine racks, these just might keep you within your budget beautifully.

Wine Jails

If you want to store a lot more bottles than the bakers rack, but still maintain a wrought-iron look - check out these wine jails! You can get them in 42-bottle or 96-bottle vertical styles. The steel scrollwork is just amazing.

If your space beckons for more of a horizontal version, these 84-bottle console wine jails are awesome looking!

Many of them include a climbing grape vine or two, complete with grape leaves and clusters of grapes quite intricately interwoven throughout the piece. Some models have wood accenting on their front face which contrasts nicely with the dark iron.

They're very unique and are reminiscent of an earlier period in time that reflects the craftsmen of that age. These lockable wine storage racks are where medieval meets elegance. You can find them in upright, and console styles in antique finishes. 

Picture your wine locked up in the prettiest jail in the county. But with a turn of the key by the "wine marshall", your company will be enjoying some of your finest wine in a moments notice!

As an added bonus, you can even personalize your "jail" with a large scrolled letter of your choice... like your family name or business's first letter.

Move over bakers wine rack, these very distinctive wine jails are the conversation piece of the decade.


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